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GOMEZ TOMICZEK has more than 15 years experience as legal adviser and we have solved more than 1,500 cases. Every case is important to us and we always take care of them seriously. We have 98% of happy clients.

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Corporate Law

Panama offers one of the most flexible legal bases in the world to create a corporation and to form a business. A Panamanian corporation can be used to establish an economic activity in the country and/or internationally, for trading, offshore activities or to buy real estate and other assets.

Wealth Protection

The Panamanian Private Interest Foundation is a legal entity, which is based on the Foundation model of three different jurisdictions (Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg) and provides a modern, flexible and accessible way of asset protections. A Panamanian Foundation can be used to hold corporations (shares), bank accounts, investment, real estate, or any other kind of assets. 

Tax Advisory Services

Income which is derived from economic activities within Panama is liable to tax.Corporations and/ or individuals executing economic activities outside of Panama (offshore) are non-taxable, neither is income arising from selling products or services to individuals, entities, or companies located outside of Panama. Trading companies which are buying and selling products that never enter Panama are not liable to pay taxes. 

Real Estate

The safest way to buy and invest in real estate in Panama is by purchasing a titled property, having a public deed recorded with the Public Registry of Panama. Before buying any property we recommend to perform proper due diligence and seek professional services of a trustworthy real estate broker.


There are various migration categories which allow foreigners to obtain permits for temporary or permanent residency in Panama, as well as a temporary or permanent work permit. Many of these migration programs were created in order to promote foreign investment in Panama and to support the development of the local economy. 


In 1998 Panama enacted Law 54 in order to protect foreign investment. Foreign investors and their businesses in Panama have the same rights as Panamanian citizens. This makes Panama a safe country to invest, with laws protecting private ownership and foreign business.

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