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We offer specific strategies to help entrepreneurs, retirees, and investors to create a Plan B, invest in real estate or obtain their residency overseas.


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Purchasing property overseas is similar to buying back home… but there are some differences you need to be aware of. We make sure that your interests are protected, at all times.

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Are you considering the idea to move overseas or obtain a second residence abroad? Do you need experienced and professional advice to analyze your possibilities and put your plans into practice?

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Every emigration is personal and individual. There is no patent remedy. Our emigration advice protects against mishaps and wrong decisions. We know the challenges.

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“We have been working with Gomez Tomiczek for many years, and we can consistently rate them with 5 stars! No matter in which field: residence permit, business consultation, or real estate purchase - everything is always handled with the highest professionalism, competence, and service. The most cost-effective and best way for the client is always selected and implemented transparently and promptly. Communication with Germany always works wonderfully! By e-mail, Skype, or Zoom everything is always first class! Fast, detailed, and comprehensible. We can recommend a firm with the best knowledge and conscience.”



We have an ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest quality in our services and professional reputation. By choosing us as your advisor, new clients must comply with our internal compliance procedures. We will not provide any services if we discover indications of fraud, potential conflicts of interest, or if the client withholds crucial information or is related to money laundering or illicit activities.