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Gomez Tomiczek
International Group
Law Firm of Abel Gomez

Advocate  & Entrepreneur Abel Gomez,

International Boutique Law Firm with offices both in Panama and Europe. We advise clients from all over the world regarding their aim to relocate their personal and fiscal domicile to Panama, invest in different sectors of the region, start a business, purchase real estate and/ or corporative shares, get in contact with financial and banking advisors, execute administrative and operational legal procedures, as well as other legal processes.

We offer counseling on legal aspects related to vessel registration, wealth protection, Panama company formation, incorporation of private interest foundations, as well as tax matters, tax incentives and exemptions.

We believe in continuous learning, transparency and legality of our work. Our international task force emphasizes in offering personalized service in English, German and Spanish, with the aim to develop individual strategies for every client’s personal needs.

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What makes us different, makes us better
In simply terms, we are Lawyers who know Panama, and we can guide you in every step of your journey.

History & Expertise​

Founding Partner of Gomez Tomiczek International Group:

Boutique law firm where he is engaged in different fields of law, specializing in commercial law, maritime law, migration and investment law within the Panamanian isthmus and abroad. Abogado Gomez is an experienced legal expert in business consulting, start-ups and entrepreneurship, real estate transactions and investment, asset management, tax optimization, as well as local and international trade.

He has participated as a regular columnist in different medias and performed investigations about jurisdictions that regulate fraud sceneries for banking, financial and investment products in Panama.

OUR VALUES: Creativity – Tenacity – Inspiration – Passion – Honesty 

Client Integrity and Acceptance:

Our international clientele includes individuals, private and public entities, governmental institutions and non-profit organizations at all stages of their business cycle. 

As an international and intercultural boutique law firm we have the ongoing commitment to maintain the highest quality in our legal consulting services and professional reputation.
Gomez Tomiczek International Group and its associates will not provide any services to any person or organization related to money laundering or illicit activities. 

We maintain a strict confidentiality policy, that has earned us, together with our discretion and good judgement, the confidence and trust of our clients. 

By choosing us as Legal Advisor, new clients must comply our internal procedures, providing personal identification papers, as well as truthful and up-to-date information related to the requested legal procedures. 

Gomez Tomiczek International Group will decline to offer any legal services, if a Partner or Associate discovers indications of fraud, potential conflicts of interest, or if the client withholds crucial information for the execution of the legal procedure as a whole.

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📣💬 Need help? 🛰👩‍💻 We are online for your inquiries, please lets me know your message thanks! We are in Panama and Europe!
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