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Join us on September 16TH, 2022 at 11 AM GERMAN TIME

Virtual Conference Series on Immigration Topics Getting Ready for Panama

Retire Overseas: Jubilado Pensionado PR Visa Panama

Many people dream of enjoying their retirement abroad, and the trend is rising. But what are the reasons? Better weather? Reduction in the cost of living? More stability and security? Or just curiosity paired with the desire for new experiences? The desire to do something starts in the heart, but the decision is based on information. We provide information for decision making.

Our Speaker - Attorney Abel Gomez Tomiczek

About Abel Gomez Tomiczek

Abel is an experienced and dynamic lawyer who helps his clients to put their ideas and projects into practice. Abel’s passion is corporate law, migration and real estate investment. For more than 17 years Abel has successfully managed the international law firm GOMEZ TOMICZEK, based in Panama, and as an entrepreneur he has founded several companies in Europe and the USA. More than 1000 clients already trust his strategies and consulting approaches. Now, his team helps investors, expatriates, entrepreneurs and retirees throughout the world to "create a Plan B for turbulent times , break new ground and secure their investment on the long term.

At the end of this virtual conference you will know ….

  • What motives people have for moving overseas
  • How high the costs of living are in the different regions of Panama
  • What health insurance options are available to you
  • Advantages of the Jubilado PR Visa
  • What the Jubilado discount is all about

  • Who qualifies for the Jubilado Pensionado PR Visa
  • What documents do you need to apply for the Jubilado Pensionado PR Visa
  • Where you can get the necessary documents
  • What is the time schedule
  • How much money you need

Very informative and understandable conference. An absolute must for anyone considering to move abroad. All requirements were discussed. Excellent in all categories. Following their advice will avoid you problems. Thank you very much!


Gomez Tomiczek Law Firm service united-states-of-america

Five stars: extremely knowledgeable, competent, honest and free of self-marketing - that's how it should be! The tips provided are very helpful. Thanks for the great work, I have learned so much!


Gomez Tomiczek Law Firm service germany

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