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PANAMA (or Panamá in Spanish)

Panama offers vast beaches, unspoiled nature, warm people and a sunny, tropical climate with only two seasons (rainy and dry). But Panama is also a country of contrasts: Its urban face impresses with skyscrapers, including more than seventy national and international banks, shopping malls, endless hotels and restaurants.You don't need to work for someone else to have the right to start your own company. You only need capital to start your activity whenever you want...

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MARBELLA - SPAIN - The Sunshine Coast

Spain has everything you need for a dream holiday: sun, sea and great food! It’s a country with cultural heritage, wonderful people and magnificent landscape. Children are welcome everywhere and there are excellent (international) schools and colleges, which makes Spain an ideal destination for families. But also senior citizens enjoy the laid-back lifestyle, affordable cost of living, and the beautiful sunshine climate of course....

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The USA is still considered the “land of opportunity” by countless people. Anyone who has spent a vacation in the Sunshine State Florida will quickly appreciate the lifestyle. Miami’s mild climate makes it particularly popular with seniors who want to settle here permanently. If you want to experience what it is like to live with in a melting pot of different cultures, countries and customs in one place, you will love this destination...

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