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Breaking New Ground in Difficult Times. Cultural Understanding is the New Currency. We Know the Challenges.

Hallo und Servus! Our Story

For more than 17 years Abel Gomez Tomiczek has successfully managed the international law firm GOMEZ TOMICZEK. He is an experienced and dynamic lawyer who helps his clients to put their ideas and projects into practice. Abel’s passion is corporate law, migration, and real estate investment.

Born and raised in Austria, Marie Gomez Tomiczek completed her engineering master's studies in architecture in Vienna specializing in international project management in Switzerland. As expert coaching other experts Marie knows how it feels to start from scratch, to live as a newcomer in a foreign country, and to do business not knowing the culture or language.

More than 1000 clients already trust their strategies and consulting approaches. Now, their team helps investors, expatriates, entrepreneurs, and retirees throughout the world to create a Plan B for turbulent times, break new ground, and secure their investments in the long term.

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