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Certificates of Incorporation of Companies

General Registry Information - Corporations in Panama

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Company Certificates are accreditations issued by the Panamanian government to certify that a Corporation exists and is duly registered with the public authority. This type of certification includes the company's incorporation date, legal status (active or dissolved), along with other general information.

The official institution authorized to issue these certificates is the Public Registry of Panama. The process begins by submitting a request to obtain the Certificate of Incorporation of the company and processing payment of the expenses established by Law No. 32 of 1927 of the Commercial Code of the Republic of Panama.

However, if proof of ownership of a company is required, a Share Certificate would be necessary; these are considered private documents and are not publicly accessible through regular procedures.

What is included?
Company Certificate Number
Company Name
Company Reference Number
Company Incorporation Date
Company Type
Updated Legal Status (active or dissolved)
Duration of the Company
National Currency Used by the Company
Type of Shares of the Company
The Amount of Share Capital and Number of Shares
Name and Domicile of the Company's Registered Agent
Name of the Legal Representative of the Company
Name of the Company Directors
Name of the Company Officers
Name of the Company Subscribers
Digital Signature
Evidence of Signature (Registered Powers of Attorney)


 Certificate of Incorporation for Corporations
Certificate of Incorporation for Corporations


Law 32 – Corporations in Panama
Law 32 – Corporations in Panama
  • Details of the Corporation / Society
  • Legalization
  • Translation
    From Spanish to another language

  • Contact information
  • Shipping Address



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