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We provide complete legal advice to our clients around the world regarding their personal and fiscal domicile relocation interests to Panama, investment in diverse regional sectors, starting a business, Start-Ups, corporate share and real estate acquisition, introduction to financial advisory and private banking, legal, administrative and operative processes, as well as other legal areas.

We provide personalized advice in Spanish, English and German, according to the needs of our clients, keeping up-to-date with all changes in Panamanian legislation and procedures, in order to provide timely advise to our clients seeking an in-depth knowledge of Panama, or for those who wish to commence legal proceedings in any of our practice areas.


Consultation Areas

Corporate Law

  • Corporations
  • Incorporation of Corporate Bodies or Legal Persons in Panama
  • Amendments to Articles of Incorporation
  • Share Issuance, Conversion of bearer shares to par value shares and vice versa.
  • Incorporation of a new Corporations in Panama
  • Dissolution of Corporations in Panama
  • Fiscal Incentives in Panama
  • Advise for Startups and Entrepreneurs in Panama
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Sale and Purchase of Corporate Shares

Maritime Law

  • Vessel Registration | Process | Requirements

Migration and Fiscal Domicile Relocation Services

  • Immigration Proceedings
  • Permanent Resident Permits
  • Temporary Resident Permits
  • Multiple Entry Visa
  • Permanent Work Permits
  • Temporary Work Permits
  • Change of Fiscal Domicile
  • General Information Regarding Import of Household Effects, Vehicles and Pet Relocation
  • Opening a Bank Account in Panama

Wealth Planning and Protection

  • Private Interest Foundation in Panama
  • Asset Management and Protection
  • Testaments | Private Regulations
  • Personal and Corporate Tax Planning
  • Wealth Planning

Real Estate and Investments

  • Due Diligence on Investments
  • Property Title Search
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Difference Between Rights of Possession and Titled Property
  • Promise to Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreements
  • Property Mortgage and Antichresis Agreements
  • Contracts with Collaterals
  • Transfer Taxes
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Sale and Purchase of Corporate Shares

Other Topics: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Opening of Bank Accounts using cash, Bitcoins, Gold and other currencies in Panama.

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