Official Directory of Panama

Directory of Ministries and Public Entities of Panama.


Ministry of Labor of Panama

Ministry in charge of formulating and executing labor development policies for the improvement of the quality of life of the Panamanian population,between workers and employers, to guarantee social peace, in order to contribute to generate a sustainable economic development.


Ministry of Trade and Industry of Panama

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Panama Emprende

New concept where people who wish to start new businesses in Panama can do so easily through online processes.


Bank Superintendency of Panama

Banking regulation and supervision in Panama: from the national banking commission to the superintendence of banks


Panama Stock Exchange, S.A.

It is a private company with public ownership of its shares that was constituted with the objective of operating a centralized mechanism of stock exchange negotiations.


The Official Gazette of the Republic of Panama

The official newspaper of the Government of the Republic of Panama.


Panama Land Administration Authority (ANATI)

One of its functions is to facilitate and reduce time in the procedures for obtaining property titles, as well as the delimitations of the regions.


Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization of Panama

The purpose is to regulate the migratory movement of entry and exit of nationals and foreigners, the stay of the latter in the national territory; to establish the requirements and procedures for acquiring Panamanian nationality by naturalization, among others.


National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information of Panama

To watch over the due reserve and protection of the data and information in possession of the State that according to the Political Constitution and the Law of Transparency have the character of confidential information and information of restricted access and personal data.


Superintendence of the Panama Stock Market (SMV)

It regulates and supervises issuers, investment companies, intermediaries and other participants in the securities market.


Supreme Court of Justice of Panama

It is a court created according to the statutes of the Constitution to protect and safeguard the judicial rights of the country. The plenary session is made up of nine judges.


Public Registry of Panama

It is an institution established for the purpose of giving formal publicity to certain facts, circumstances or rights, which operates under the regulation and control of the national, provincial, local or institutional public administration, which thus provides a service in favour of legal transparency.


Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning Panama (MIVI)

Responsible for national housing and land-use policy, with authority to draw up decent housing programmes in orderly territories.


The Public Prosecutor's Office of Panama

defends the interests of the State and municipalities; promotes legality, competence and ethics in the actions of public servants; provides citizen guidance and contributes to forming a culture of peace through community mediation, in order to strengthen the democratic rule of law.


General Directorate of Income - Tax Office of Panama (DGI)

Tax Office in charge of fiscalization and collection of taxes in Panama.


Embassies and Consulates of Panama worldwide

List of Embassies and Consulates of Panama in the world.


Government Minister

Assist the President of the Republic in matters related to internal political government, internal security and the full exercise of constitutional rights and guarantees, preserving and ensuring a unitary, republican, democratic and representative government.


National Public Service Authority (ASEP)

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Panama Ministry of Health (MINSA)

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Land Transport and Transit Authority of Panama

Authority responsible for ensuring compliance with land transport laws in Panama.


Minister of Agricultural Development of Panama (MIDA)

To act as the coordinating agency of the Agricultural Sector to plan, organize, regulate, manage and evaluate International Technical and Financial Cooperation activities that will support national and sectoral development plans.


Minister for Education of Panama

Ministry that grants licenses for education as well as public and private curricula in Panama.


Minister for Canal Affairs of Panama

Regulates the activities of the Panama Canal and its operation


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama

Authentication of official documents, assistance in Panama's foreign relations.


The Ministry of Social Development of Panama

Is the governing body of the Panamanian State's social policies. This institution leads social investment for the strengthening of the skills and capacities of the country's human capital to achieve the sustainability of national development.


Minister of Culture of Panama

The former National Institute of Culture (INAC) is the ministry responsible for the dissemination of arts and culture in the Republic of Panama.


Minister Counselor for the Facilitation of Public Investment of Panama

It represents Panama in the investment and implementation of new activities that help the country.


Minister of Environment of Panama

In charge of attending to natural resources and the environment


National Assembly of Panama

State organ in charge of creating laws.



The Financial Analysis Unit is the national centre for the collection and analysis of financial information relating to money-laundering offences, the financing of terrorism and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and for the communication of the results of that analysis to the country's investigative and law enforcement authorities.


Panama Tax Court

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Comptroller of Panama

"To audit, regulate and control the movement of public funds and goods, and to examine, intervene in and settle the accounts relating thereto".


Consultas tramites Migracion

Online consultation of visas in Panama


Consultation of Procedures of the Ministry of Labor of Panama

Check files online


Public Ministry of Panama

investigation of the crimes, with the use of alternative procedures for the resolution of conflicts, exercising criminal action, with a high degree of competence


Colegio Nacional de Abogados de Panama

Panama Association of Suitable Lawyers.


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