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Private Interest Foundations as a tool to ensure and manage family wealth and asset protection, savings, banking accounts, corporate shares and other types of assets. Generally, our clients use the legal figure of a Private Interest Foundation to create a living will and avoid court proceedings (probate), as well as to facilitate their heirs the acquisition of family assets.

The Private Interest Foundations in Panama are legal entities, which are based on the Foundation models of three different jurisdictions (Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg). Additionally, they offer a modern, flexible and accessible form of asset protection. A Panamanian Foundation may be used to own shares in companies, bank accounts, investments, real estate, and any other type of asset. These types of foundations are regulated under Law No.25 of June 12th, 1995.

Main Legal Services offered by our Firm:

  • Legal Advice on Asset Protection
  • Formation of Private Interest Foundations in Panama
  • Wills
  • Private Regulations or Foundation Bylaws (Living Wills)
  • Tax planning, business planning and family wealth

I was with the legal advice, implementation of my concerns and very personal service extremely satisfied! Whether in Panama or back in Germany: the communication went well – also for example. through such media as Skype. Dates could also be found in urgent matters at short notice!
So clearly 5 stars on my part and a clear recommendation as well!

U. B.
Corporate and Commercial Law

Panama as a leader in the region in economic growth and development. Legal counseling and setup of corporate structures for local and international business ventures and related activities. Panamanian companies can be used to establish economic activities within the Panamanian territory and/or abroad, for international commerce, “offshore” services or to invest in real estate or other assets (“holding”).

We offer the following legal services:

  • Purchase transactions of corporate shares
  • Business creation as legal or natural person
  • Amendments of Articles of Incorporations
  • Issuance of Shares
  • Changes from Bearer Shares to Nominatives Shares
  • Legal Custodian, authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, for Bearer Shares
  • Dissolution of Panama Companies
  • Rehabilitation of Inactive Companies (according to Resolution No. 201-5612 of September 15th, 2017)
  • Tax Incentives in Panama
  • Mercantile and Corporate Loan Agreements
  • Promissory Notes and negotiable documents
  • NIT Procedures (E-tax Panama online system)
  • NT (Tax number assigned to foreigners in Panama)
  • Resident Agent Services (according to Law 52)

Our experience with the law firm of Abel and Marie Terese is consistently positive. They have competently advised us on all questions and have guided us safely through the bureaucratic jungle in Panama when completing our residence papers and acquiring land. Also for future legal assistance, we will contact this office again and therefore recommend you to continue.

E. D.
Real Estate Law

We offer complete and specialized legal services related to purchase transactions of properties, residential units (condos), detached houses, villas or (apartment) buildings, and/or corporate shares. Investment in Panama, contract negotiation, purchase promises and contracts, legal due diligences, transfer taxes and other related procedures.

The purchase of titled property, that is dully registered in the Public Registry of Panama (by means of a public deed of the property), is the safest way to buy and invest in real estate in Panama. Before buying any property in Panama, we recommend our clients to perform a legal due diligence through an experienced attorney.

Main Legal Services offered by our Firm:

  • Legal advice and settlement on Selling and Buying Real Estate in Panama
  • Contract Negotiations for real estate transactions
  • Legal Due Diligence of property titles and investment opportunities
  • Purchase Promises and Contracts in Private and/or Public Documents
  • Legal consulting on horizontal property and administration of commonhold property
  • Transfer Taxes
  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • NIT Application Procedure (registration at “e-tax” Panama online tax system)
  • NT Application Procedure (Individual taxpayer identification number for foreigners in Panama)

Dear Mr. Gomez,
I would like to thank you for your service in selling my house. I thought it would be a problem as I was not in Panama during the transaction, but they were very knowledgeable and professional, which made selling my villa very easy.
It’s hard to find a good lawyer, especially when you’re not there. You have done an excellent job and I recommend you to continue..

C. H.
Relocation Services & Migration

There are several types of migration categories, which give foreigners the opportunity to obtain  temporary or permanent residence permits in Panama, as well as temporary or permanent work permits. Many of these migration programs were created with the aim to promote foreign investment and support the economic development of Panama.

Prior to start any application process, we prepare a list of documents for the selected migration category, and provide instructions on how to obtain the necessary documentation from the country of origin or permanent residency. We check and verify all documentation for residence and work permits in advance, and clarify our clients’ questions regarding any migration procedure.

We offer the following legal services:

  • Permanent Residence Permits
  • Temporary Residence Permits
  • Passport Registration and Passport Registry Information Update
  • Multiply Visa
  • Permanent Work Permits
  • Temporary Work Permits
  • Reconsideration Resources
  • Duplicate and Change of Migration ID cards
  • E-Cedula Process (Panamanian Identification card for foreigners)
  • General Information on the import of household items and pet relocation
  • Registration of Civil Marriages celebrated abroad

Very friendly and helpful staff.
Well organized and prepared and able to react flexibly to the unexpected.
We were very well advised and represented. Thanks.

I. P.
Tax Law

Legal consulting in the field of tax returns, taxes required by governmental institutions in Panama for labour affairs, migration purposes, trade and investment issues. Tax Incentives in order to support economic development.

Recently, Panama has implemented a digital data base (“e-tax” system) with the aim to perform payments of taxes online, access statements of accounts, obtain certificates of good standing, among other procedures with the Tax Office of Panama (DGI). The digitalization of the tax information and the related procedures represents an effort of the Panamanian government to make relevant data more accesible for the taxpayers. By promoting payments via online banking or directly in the bank branches affiliated with the Tax Office, the rapidity of the procedures and payments of taxes is being increased, avoiding queues and simplifying  paperwork and standardized bureaucracies,

Main Legal Services offered by our Firm:

  • Consultancy services regarding mandatory taxes in the commercial, industrial, agribusiness, tourism, banking, maritime, labour and real estate sector.
  • Tax Incentives Advice
  • Applications for Tax Exemption
  • Rehabilitation of Inactive Corporations (according to Resolution No. 201-5612 of September 15th, 2017)
  • NIT Application Procedure (registration at “e-tax” Panama online tax system)
  • NT Application Procedure (Individual taxpayer identification number for foreigners in Panama)
  • Applications for Certificates of tax residency and fiscal domicile
  • Assistance regarding payment of the Annual Franchise Tax (¨”Tasa Única”) and other taxes
  • Certificates of Good Standing (“Paz y Salvos”)

So far, we have been very well advised on all issues and authorities.

N. S.

Panama provides plenty of opportunities to promote the production of non-traditional and traditional goods, innovation of new products for sophisticated markets (“gourmet”).

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama currently promotes six economic areas:

Tourism (Commercial Tourism, International Touristic Promotion Events, Ecotourism, Adventure Tourism, Medical Tourism)

Services (Financial Services, International Banking, Legal Services, Maritime Services, Medical Services)

Logistics (Panama Canal, Logistics Platforms for value-added activities, Port Development for container transportation, public service for freight rail and ground transportation, air transport services, Panamanian Logistic Hub, Optical Fibres, Cold Chain)

Agricultural Industry (Production, Agro-tourism, Innovation and new products, Products for sophisticated markets like gourmet coffee)

ICTs (Information and Communication) (Special Zone “Panama Pacifico”, “City of Knowledge”)

Energy (Hydropower, wind energy, solar power, biomass energy)

At the same time these activities promote the development of other sectors, like cargo container movement, maritime transport, security and inspection companies, training of human resources, among others.

In 1998 the Law No. 54 was decreed in Panama, with the aim to protect foreign investment. Foreign investors and their businesses in Panama are granted the same rights as Panamanian citizens. This makes Panama a safe country to invest, offering a stable legal basis that protects private ownership and foreign businesses.

The Foreign Direct Investment in the Panamanian isthmus grows annually between 7% and 10%. We can constantly observe that new businesses operating in the field of food, medicines, energy and infrastructure are being established, transforming Panama into the country with the  highest direct investment in the region. However, Panama is still a developing country that promises a lot once it reaches a greater sustainable growth.

Here are the four main economic zones in Panama:

City of Knowledge is a scientific, technological and enterprise zone, located next to the Panama Canal.

Economic Zone Panama Pacifico is an area dedicated to the production of high value-added goods, services and technology.

Free Zones are zones in which all infrastructure, facilities, constructions, support systems and services are conducted under strict regulations of maximum efficiency and quality. With the objective of establishing businesses from all over the world, dedicated to the production of various categories of products, including high technology, scientific research, logistic services, higher education, environmental services, medical services, and services in general.

Colon Free Zone is located some kilometers from the Panama Canal and is considered the first Free Zone in the West and the second Free Zone worldwide.

 Main Legal Services offered by our Firm:

  • Legal advice on market research and market analysis
  • Consultancy on Strategic Investment Sectors
  • Creation of Corporate Legal Concepts
  • Paperwork for Business Licenses and other permits
  • Legal assistance on Tax Incentives and Tax Exemptions

The meanwhile many years of cooperation with the law firm Gomez / Tomiczek we can consistently rate the grade 1. No matter in what areas; Residence permit, founding a company, purchasing real estate – everything is always done with the utmost expertise and care. Always the most cost-effective and best way for the client is selected and implemented transparently and promptly. In the multiple authorities we were each time a knowledgeable and friendly guide to the side, the then everything was done for us. Especially we have learned to appreciate the absolute honesty, friendliness, patience and reliability of the law firm. The communication to Germany always works wonderfully! By e-mail, Skype or by phone always everything top! Fast, detailed and comprehensible. We can recommend this law firm with the best of our knowledge and belief.

P. H.

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