Abel Gomez Tomiczek

Asset Management


Abel Gomez Tomiczek

Asset Management

Private Interest Foundations as a tool to ensure and manage family wealth and asset protection, savings, banking accounts, corporate shares and other types of assets.

Generally, our clients use the legal figure of a Private Interest Foundation to create a living will and avoid court proceedings (probate), as well as to facilitate their heirs the acquisition of family assets.

The Private Interest Foundations in Panama are legal entities, which are based on the Foundation models of three different jurisdictions (Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg). Additionally, they offer a modern, flexible and accessible form of asset protection. A Panamanian Foundation may be used to own shares in companies, bank accounts, investments, real estate, and any other type of asset. These types of foundations are regulated under Law No.25 of June 12th, 1995.

Main Legal Services offered by our Firm:

• Legal Advice on Asset Protection
• Formation of Private Interest Foundations in Panama
• Wills
• Private Regulations or Foundation Bylaws (Living Wills)
• Tax planning, business planning and family wealth


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